CAMProDMI-solution to remove blocks of dry matterBetter dry matter intake

CAMProDMI is the most effective product to remove dry matter intake blocks and subsequently improve milk production.

CAMProDMI is highly DMI enhancer consisting of viable active dry yeast and organic chromium in form of chromium propionate. It improves DMI by removing all three blocks i.e. non-nutrient factors, metabolic feedback and physical fill. It contains rumen specific yeast cell that triggers the growth of cellulose-digesting and lactic acid utilizing bacteria.


The microbial eco-system of the rumen is dynamic. The eco-system is dynamic as the microbial population changes considerably on change of diet to adapt it to the new feed ingredients. The rumen microbes are adapted to survive in a set of ruminal ecosystem i.e. anaerobiosis, high buffering capacity and osmotic pressure and saprophytic competition among the microbes for their survival.

Ruminants in India are fed mainly on lignocellulosic agricultural by-products which are rich in cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin, starch and protein. The rumen harbours various types of bacteria which are active in degradation of these components of the feed. The interaction among themselves and with other microbial groups in the rumen are also responsible for synergistic effect on the production of volatile fatty acids and microbial proteins in the rumen.


There is positive correlation of supplementation of CAMProDMI with fiber digestion. CAMProDMI has an impressive result in DMI by improving digestion of fiber, as neutral detergent fiber (NDF). Better digestion of fiber are thought to remove block of DMI because of their fast clearance from the rumen and passage through the digestive tract. With increase in fiber digestion, improvement in amount of volatile fatty acids production occurs too.

CAMProDMI improves in microbial protein production by stimulating growth of lactic acid utilizing bacteria. Increase in count of lactic acid utilizing bacteria results into stabilizing optimum pH 6.0- 6.9 in rumen. By stabilizing the pH in rumen CAMProDMI removes block of metabolic feedback.

CAMProDMI is highly efficient in overcoming of all three important blocks of higher dry matter intake i.e. non-nutrient factor, metabolic feedback and physical fills. CAMProDMI ensures a better productivity of dairy animals by improving dry matter intake of dairy animals.

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