Pasu Aahar

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Pasu Aahar

This product is mixture of premium pellets, oil cakes, maize grit and minerals. This product is protein rich with maximum Total Digestible Materials specially for milking cows & buffaloes.


  1. Increase milk productivity if fed regularly.
  2. Increase quality of milk due to its digestibility.
  3. Improves animal health.

Packing: HDPE Bag

Net Wt: 50kgs

Ingredients: De-oiled Rice bran, Maize Girt, Molasses, Cotton Seeds DOC, Rape seed cake, Rice polish, Salt, Imported premium minerals & mixtures and Vitamins.

PASU AAHAR – This is a specially designed feed for cow & buffalo for higher and longer duration of milk yield with mixture premium pellets, oil cakes and minerals & vitamins.


CP% 22-24 Min
EE 4-5 Min
CF 12-13 Max
TDN 80-85 Min
  • Protein
  • Energy
  • Minerals

Feeding instruction

  • Take required portion of feed in vessel & add proportionate water and mix it. Keep it atleast for four hours before feeding to animal.
  • Give clean water & green hay in required quantity along with this feed.

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Camron’s feed products are worth to choose for daily diet for horse & cow. I have been using these products and it made difference in terms of productivity & animal health.

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