Chromium PropionateHeat Stress Solution- Less stress, More milk

Heat stress is a major concern in dairy farming. The main cause of heat stress is combined impact of temperature and humidity which can be measured by Temperature Humidity Index.

Heat stress occurs when a milking cattle heat load is greater than her capacity to lose heat, and is sometimes referred to as hyperthermia. Normally, Dairy cows are affected by heat stress during summer.


Symptoms heat stress 

  • increased effort breathing
  • excessive panting
  • drooling
  • bright red gums
  • anxious behaviour
  • excessive water consumption
  • vomiting or diarrhea
  • weakness

Impact of heat Stress

  • Drop in milk yield
  • Less dry matter intake
  • Low reproductive performance
  • Higher somatic cells count in milk e Incidence of laminitis and acidosis


Chromium propionate is the only molecular solution in heat stress. This product contains chromium propionate which increases glucose utilization by potentiating insulin sensitivity.


  • Improves milk production in summer season
  • Increases dry matter intake
  • Increases energy of animal by improving glucose utilization

Feeding Schedule : 100 ml orally by mixing with feed or seek guidance of veterinarian.

Availability : 5kg & 30kg.

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