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We use technology & processes at each of product life cycle, starting from sourcing raw materials to end use of product by the consumers.

Use of technology

We use technology & processes at each of product life cycle, starting from sourcing raw materials to end use of product by the consumers.

  • We integrate quality control systems and good management practices into feed manufacturing process.
  • We identify & implement the need-based latest equipments, machines and technology.
  • We get analysis of raw materials, ingredients and added minerals from associated feed analysis laboratories.
  • introduce non-destructive and environmentally friendly techniques.

Producing affordable feed to boost profitability of customers

A feed cost is around 70% of the total cost of producing an animal product like milk, meat or Egg). To produce feed at reasonable cost, we ensure the animal has a balanced diet. A balanced diet is one that meets the nutritional needs of the animal, based on its physiological stage and targeted production level. To ensure a balanced feed, we :-

  •  Use research based formulation
  • Analysis data of chemical constituents before delivered to end user
  • Apply efficient use of available feed resources in each diet
  • Reduce the cost of inputs by identifying least-cost rations.
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Camron’s feed products are worth to choose for daily diet for horse & cow. I have been using these products and it made difference in terms of productivity & animal health.

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