Sustainable Animal feeds

Sustainable Animal feeds are beneficial for the animal, the environment and society. They generate socio-economic benefits, furthering poverty alleviation and food security.

Sustainable feed integrate the importance of protecting the environment, efficient use of natural resources, socio-cultural benefits, and ethical integrity and sensitivity, in addition nutrition-based criteria in producing safe and economically viable feed.  While formulating sustainable feeds we take into account animal productivity, health, product quality, safety and consumers’ income.

We aim-

  • Not use antibiotic or synthetic growth promoters
  • use locally available feed resources
  • Minimize air & water pollution
  • Follow Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Introduce latest technology to product environment friendly feed
  • Produce safe, digestible, energetic and affordable quality feed
  • adhere to international standards
  • employee safety / occupational health
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Camron’s feed products are worth to choose for daily diet for horse & cow. I have been using these products and it made difference in terms of productivity & animal health.

Owner, Patel Farm