Importance of Compound feed

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There are two basic types of feed given to animals in normal course of animal husbandry i.e fodder and forage. Each type of animal have their own category of animal feed which contain all the essential nutrients required for their well being. Compound feed is fodder that is blended from various raw materials and additives. These blends are formulated according to the specific requirements of the target animal. The main ingredients used in commercially prepared feed are the feed grains, which include corn, soybeans, sorghum, oats, and barley. Oil cakes and meals make up 28% of compound feeds, and this is a crucially important fraction since it provides much of the dietary protein.

Benefits of compound cattle feed

  • It contains protein, energy, minerals and vitamins required for the growth, maintenance and milk production of animals.
  • Being nutritionally consistent from pellet to pellet.
  • Offering fully balanced feeds with mineral and vitamin inclusions.
  • Providing the greatest ease and convenience of use.
  • Lower cost of feeding animal in long run.
  • No farm mixing or ration formulation required.
  • It increases reproductive efficiency, milk production as well as fat content of milk.