Customer Services

For Camron Customers

Our happy and satisfied customers are the backbone of our success. We believe that customer service is not out service but its our job. We have well developed Customer Service Policy (CSP) approved by the Board which governs the way we, our employees and our dealers interact with our customers. It also specifies that how customer’s complaints, feedback and special requests are handled. Every person connected with Camron either as a employee or dealer, has to strictly comply with this policy.

Our Customer Service Policy covers following among other things:

  • Collection, retention and application of customers feedback.
  • Complaints mechanisms and resolution.
  • Goods return policy.
  • Rendering of value added services.
  • Methods to interact with customers by employees including dealers.

Online order system

To be a part of digital India initiative, Camron has lunched online order system for its customers and dealers. Customers can order products online from our app or can do booking by making a simple call. On successful order, a product is delivered to customer within 48 hours.

Delivery at customer's doorstep

This feature allows Camron’s customers to get their ordered products delivered at their home or farm. Once order is confirmed by the system, our nearest sub-dealer will deliver the products to customers at their doorstep.

how can we fulfil your requirements?

Contact our dealer nearest to you or write us via email or call to Camron customer care executive.

Camron’s feed products are worth to choose for daily diet for horse & cow. I have been using these products and it made difference in terms of productivity & animal health.

Owner, Patel Farm

Our Value Added Services

Veterinary Consulting

Dairy Education

Animal Insurance

Camron provides veterinary consulting through its empanelled Animal health experts. Our consultant helps customers to visit their farm, studies customer’s existing arrangement and check the animal health and quality feed, hay and water. Based on studies, he will suggest the best technology, quality feed and other arrangement keeping in mind the animal health & productivity.

Around 85% of the world’s milk is produced from cattle. India is one of the largest milk producing country where millions of people earn their livelihood from milk in rural areas. In each country different methods are employed by the milk producers to generate milk with highly variable productivity and efficiency. Our experts educate milk producers on all aspects of dairy management such as genetics, animal health, nutrition, reproduction, farm economics and sustainability of milk production systems.

Milk producing animals like cows, buffaloes are the core assets of any dairy farm or farmers engaged in milk production. These core assets must be insured for unseen risk. Many people in rural areas are not aware of such insurance and therefore sometime they loose their livelihood when something goes wrong with cattle. The Cattle Insurance policy covers risks such as loss due to death, accident, illness or disease of the animal. We educate our customers on importance of cattle insurance, its benefits and procedure related to obtaining the same including claim process through our sales team in rural areas.

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